36 Extraordinary Dorm Room Ideas That Inspire You

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If you have ever been to college, then you already know how cramped dorm rooms can be. There is barely room for much more than the necessities. Still, with the use of a bit of rearranging and a dash of ingenuity, you may find that dorm room futons are the perfect way to add a little more sitting and sleeping room. If we take a lesson or two from the Japanese, who originally gave us the futon, it is not difficult to find a place for everything.

Learning to stack things according to size can save a plethora of room. A dorm size refrigerator will easily hold a small microwave or television set. Just be sure and use a surge protector before plugging all these appliances in. I am sure this gives you a good idea of what I am making reference to. Getting things off the floor will open up floor space. This space can be filled with dorm room futons.

Dorm room futons come as small as a single chair and fold out into a single bed. A standard size futon would be a bit smaller in width than a double bed. That may seem like a lot but when people are sleeping, no one is moving about the room. When they are up and about, it simply folds up out of the way.

At one time, futons were not thought to be very comfortable for any purpose let alone sleeping on them. This may have been true at one time but futons for dorm rooms have come a long way since then and a lot of redesign has gone into the mattresses. Most college dorm rooms do come with loft beds, but what fun is college without having a special friend or two over for an all night gab fest? Dorm room futons can easily allow for this to happen without everyone squeezing together in one bed.

Probably the best advantage a futon can have is the ability to unzip and remove the cover for washing. Although it is best not to use the futon as a dumping station for food and sodas, accidents do happen. With fabric that has a stain repellent added to it, the covers are easily washed and stains will simply disappear. If the cover should happen to get used beyond repair, a new one can be purchased for a small amount of money.

Although dorm room futons come in many different sizes, the smaller ones are recommended. Unless you are very lucky it will be difficult to fit much more than the chair size futon into an already full room. Just keep in mind that a room that has been fitted with every imaginable space saving device will keep the area neat and organized. Some may find this hard to do along with classes and keeping grades up, but getting rid of a small mess before it becomes a big one is the best rule of thumb. Simply put it away before it gets in the way.

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