38 Easy And Low Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

38 easy and low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas 30

If you find yourself up to your elbows in mud, tending to your plants and flowers like there’s no tomorrow then feeling flabbergasted that the water bills can go so high, then maybe it’s time to stop and think about whether or not you spend too much time on your garden and less time for you.

Many times in the past you’ve entertained friends and family on weekend garden parties but for some reason, nobody ever says anything about how nice your landscape is or how beautiful your flowers look. The only one who probably cares is your neighbor’s dog who seems to find your garden the most ideal place to bury his bone loot.

You know, it is possible to have the most beautiful garden without killing yourself tending to it. It is possible to maintain your lush surroundings, do your bit for the environment and please the green thumb in you without going to so much trouble. If you’re building a new home and are just on the stages of designing the perfect landscape for it, what you must do is be able to plan for it properly because the easiest landscaping to maintain is the one that’s properly planned from the start.

While the thought of doing some serious yard time intimidates most people, it is perhaps worth noting that there is no such thing as a maintenance-free landscape. Even if you have the most basic design and layout, you still have to sweep the dead leaves off the driveway and pick up those fallen branches if you are to avoid accidents or be seen as something of a slob. With a little planning in advance, you will be able to come up with a landscape design that’s functional, meets you and your family’s requirements and won’t require too much money or time.

It all starts by determining what to plant in your garden. Often we would see flowers that seem very pretty and we would take home those flowers and find a spot to plant them. This happens too often and pretty soon, we’ve got so many pretty flowers than we know what to do with and when the pretty flowers start dropping dead leaves, it makes us feel like reaching for the lawn mower and mowing them down just to keep them from doing it. The truth is, the more of a plant person you are, the less you know about landscaping so your front and back yard end up looking like Plants and Zombies the Ultimate Battle.

Opting for low-maintenance plants like the velvet cloak smoke tree, peonies, winter king hawthorn and variegated ribbon grass which are also helpful in helping you efficiently cool or heat your home as needed, is recommended for less sweeping time. Make your flower beds large and sweeping or combine smaller beds into one large bed to reduce mowing time. You can also consider using clover as a cheaper alternative to grass since they are insect-resistant and are able to co-exist well with weeds so you don’t need to mow the lawn as often.

For successful low-maintenance landscaping, you also need to factor your location’s climate into the equation. If you live in warm weather conditions, you can opt for xeriscaping or coming up with a landscape design that can essentially withstand drought conditions. If you live in cooler and wetter weather conditions, you can opt for plants that can withstand water-heavy soil. In short, you need to consider using plants native to your area more since this means they will thrive on their own.

Since your use of water is also a big issue to ensure successful low maintenance landscaping, you need to make sure you avoid water-guzzling plants and plant more of drought-tolerant perennials. Or you can totally forego a plant-based garden for a rock garden instead. You can opt for a Japanese zen garden or alpine rock garden look where the use of plants are not emphasized so much as the aesthetic positioning of rocks. Less weeding, mowing or sweeping and more relaxing since it provides a perfect place for some quiet contemplation.

While you can’t escape yard time, utilizing these tips can certainly keep you from running up astronomical water bills or spending too much time sweeping and clearing your lawns and backyards of dead leaves. They will make you enjoy yard time more but also allow you time to indulge in other, more important aspects of your life.

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